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The Bicycle Store Advantage

Wherever the Road Leads, it all Begins Here...

Come visit The Bicycle Store in Hermitage for all your bicycle, accessory, and repair services

Here are the top 10 reasons The Bicycle Store is the best place shop for your next bicycle or accessory and the best place to get your current ride serviced… 


1.  Our Mission to you is to conduct our business with honesty and integrity, glorifying our Lord

  • Providing quality products that assist in a healthy lifestyle

  • Supplying all ages/skill levels with bicycles and related products

  • Serving in a timely, friendly, and knowledgeable manner

  • Charging a fair, competitive price

2.   Locally Owned
When patronizing The Bicycle Store you are not dealing with a big box store out of another state or country.  Owner, Michael Kavulla, born and raised in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, graduated from Pennsylvania State University at Behrend Campus, Erie with a BS  and an inborn passion for bicycles and cars – according to his parents he could even name years and models of all riding vehicles going down the street at the age of 3!  Upon graduation, he started working as a bike mechanic in his hometown for what was then known as Bicycles and more, Inc., a long time standing Schwinn dealership.  Superior wrenching and excellent customer service led to his promotion to store manager.  
After much prayer and getting a business plan together, Mike and his wife Debbie purchased that business as the clock struck midnight January 1, 2000.  
Whereas Mike is responsible for service, customer relations, and managing the store, Debbie is mostly behind the scenes, doing accounting, marketing, and ordering.    To overcome the mass merchant mentality, the staff strives to provide personalized attention to each customer who walks through the door.  In addition to Mike and Debbie, one of our trusted and courteous employees may greet you as you enter  The Bicycle Store.  

3.   Whoever you are.  Whatever you are into.  Your bike is here. 
The line is designed for all:  flip-flop friendly, racer fast, commuters to cruisers, and kid tough.  Whether you want to win the race, spend quality time with loved ones on a recreational ride, cross-train, or get fit, your bike is here.

4.  All our new bikes are assembled by professional bicycle mechanics. 
You might be surprised to learn that bicycles are not completely assembled at the factory. It's true. They're actually delivered to us disassembled in a box, and we spend about an hour (depending on the model) assembling, tuning and testing every bike (at no additional charge to you). 

5.  Free Adjustments and 10% off Accessories for  One Year.  Bicycles are machines that require maintenance. One of the most important services is the first tune-up, which is due after you've ridden your new bike for a few weeks. During this time, cables might stretch, spokes may loosen and adjustments could change. For your new rig to ride right and last as long as possible, we provide free adjustments for one year where we thoroughly check all systems (a $30 to $100 value, depending upon the work required).  An added perk:  You will receive 10% off any parts or accessories during the first year. 

6.  Youth Trade-Up Program Have your children outgrown their bicycles?  Are you ready for an upgrade?  Thinking of a new genre of riding?  It is so simple…Get up to 30% trade in value when you trade in your present bicycle for a new one.  You will still receive the same great benefits of a new transaction.  See store for details. 

7.  We allow Test rides.  How do you know if that new rig is the right ride for you? The best test, and the truest way to judge a bike, is by taking a spin on it. Roll      down the street and shift through the gears. Feel how the frame fits your legs and arms. Try the brakes. Stand up and climb. Coast a bit. Does the bike feel comfortable, easy to pedal, smooth? Is it quiet? Do you like the ride? Make some mental notes and return to our shop to try some others. We're happy to let you compare bikes and get a feel so you find the perfect machine. 

8.  Free Layaways.  No Storage Fees.
For a small deposit and regular payments, we will hold your bicycle free of charge.  When it is paid in full, you may take your bicycle home. 

9. Our bikes offer the highest quality, longest life and best resale value.
  We don't just stock any bicycles. Because we stand behind our products, we find and carry only the finest brands and models. Which means that you get a great bike that will last and last with nothing more than regular care and maintenance. And, should you decide to upgrade, you'll be able to sell the bike for a good price. We are an authorized dealer for Trek, Electra, and Jamis.  Our vendors are dedicated to continually improving and introducing great cycling products. 

10.  Convenience.
 We provide convenient store hours and location to fit everyone's hectic schedule.  Open Tuesday through Friday 10am to 7pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm to be of service to you (Sunday and Monday we spend time recharging with God and family).  Located right on East State Street between Sharon and Hermitage, The Bicycle Store is nestled on a corner lot, so you can easily take test rides.  Also, plenty of parking is available!  We have access to three dealer warehouses across the country to provide QUICK and plentiful merchandise.  Convenience with a capital C!
We look forward to seeing you soon!  Stop in.