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Thank you for your patronage.  We are so very grateful for your business and realize now more than ever how vital you are.  A list of things we would like to share:

  • We are in constant daily and weekly communication with our vendors trying to secure accessories and bicycles for our inventory.  We excitedly share that we are getting in shipments 1-2 times per week!
  • Across the country, there is a bike shortage but we are managing a back order list of over 300 bikes that will trickle in between now and into next year.  The best way to ensure obtaining a bicycle is to get on our "watch list" or put a back order bike on layaway to reserve it for you.
  • Please call 724-342-2031 for on site bicycle availability or an eta.  We all want to be most proficient with the use of time.  
  • Thank you for the patience you have shown our service department.  Turn around time is not where we want it to be but we are working tirelessly and diligently to get you reconnected with your bike. A top priority for sure.
  • Despite all the changing circumstances, we are filled with hope and determination for a great cycling season.  May your heart be filled with hope as well!