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As the area’s only full-service bicycle shop, we strive to provide personalized attention to each person who walks through the door, overcoming the mass-merchant mentality. The service department handles everything from flat tires and adjustments to component replacements and tune-ups. Owner Mike, a Trek Certified Mechanic and Wheel Builder, or one of our trusted employees offer free labor estimates.

The Complete annual performance, best value   $94.99 ATB; $74.99 BMX/Freestyle        

  • True Front/Rear Wheels
  • Adjust and Perform Braking System Safety Check 
  • Adjust Front/Rear Gears
  • Check Torques
  • Check and Adjust Bearing Tension
  • Degrease, Detail, and Polish
  • Lube Chain and Pivot Points
  • Air Tires
  • Repair/Re-Adjust Non-Functioning Push Button Shifters

The Targeted just drive train and braking system $84.99 ATB/Road     

  • Adjust Front/Rear Gears
  • Adjust and Perform Braking System Safety Check 
  • Degrease, Detail, and Polish
  • Air Tires
  • Lube Chain and Pivot Points
  • Check Torques 

The Basic Inspection and Safety Check  $57.99 ATB/BMX/Road

  • Degrease, Detail, and Polish
  • Air Tires                                                                 
  • Lube Chain and Pivot Points
  • Check Torques  
  • Inspect for Damage or Wear                      

REPAIRS – a la carte

Front/Rear Brake Adjustment            $40.00

Front/Rear Derailleur Adjustment     $40.00

Hanger Overhaul                                 $32.00

Headset Overhaul                            $29.00

Hub Overhaul                                   $27.00

Hub Coaster Overhaul                     $47.00

Respoke Wheel                               $51.00

True Wheel                                      $27.00

Front/Rear Bleed Hydraulic Disc      $55.00


BMX/Freestyle/Kids                          $59.99

ATB/Road                                         $79.99

Crate Bicycle for Shipment               $79.99

Adult Tricycle                                         $84.99


Tire or Tube (on bicycle)                  $15.00

Tire or Tube (off bicycle)                  $12.00

Handlebar Tape                                    $15.00

 Minimum Shop Labor                        $20.00

Prices are for Labor only. Parts not included. Tax additional. Prices subject to change.